Terms and Conditions

The Booking Terms and conditions outlined below apply to all bookings made with Aspire LLC ( herafter refered refered to as `The Academy `).

Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations and payments

Written reservations by e-mail or through The Academy website and any payments for  The Academy services are made with the understanding that customers agree to the terms and conditions outline here.

1.1 Course reservations

On receipt of a reservation request ( by email OR through online booking section of The Academy website ) , The Academy will confirm the availability of places on the requested course.

1.2 Deposit Payment

For bookings made more than 90 days before the course arrival date, A deposit payment request will be send . The request will include full details of the course fees, deposit amount and details of all the services to be provided.

1.3 Enrollment Confirmation

Course places will be confirmed on receipt of deposit payments. Course places are not confirmed until deposit payments are received. A deposit receipt , and full course payment schedule will be sent.

1.4 Course Fees

Courses are run in Japan and as such course fees are in Japanese Yen.  Approximate Currency exchage rates listed on The Academy Website are only provided as a rough guideline at the time of writing.

1.5 Payment

Payments should be remitted to The Academy in Japan in Japanese Yen. Payments can be made by Bank transfer or arranged through Flywire payment solutions. Full course fee balances must be paid no later than 90 days before the course arrival date in Japan.

Bookings made less than 90 Days before the course arrival date require full payment at the time of booking.

2. Cancellations

2.1 Cancellations by the client

Clients may Cancel their booking as follows :

Cancellations 91 Days or more before the the arrival date of the course and receive a full refund less the course deposit ( 20% of course fee )

Cancellations 90-31 days before the arrival date – 80% of the course fee will be charged

Cancellations 30 days or less before the arrival date ( OR no-show without cancellation ), 100% of the course fee will be charged ( No refund )

2.2 Cancellations by The Academy

The Academy will do everything in its power to avoid making changes or cancellations of services. If cancellations OR changes to services have to be made The academy will inform clients as soon as possible. The Academy reserves the right to cancel OR modify programs as necessary.


The Academy reserves the right to cancel a course booking if clients do not make deposit or course fee balances on time. Course fee refund policy ( 2.1 ) will apply.


The Academy may be forced to modify courses as a result of factors outside of our control. Such factors include but are not limited to , wars, riots, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, pandemics, endemics, local controls to limit the spread of disease/viruses, border controls or restrictions, technical issues with transportation OR ski area operations, adverse weather conditions, changes to third party vendor services including those of the instructor licensing body, ski area or internship placement schools and candidate numbers being insufficient to run prospective courses.

If courses have to be modified evrything will be done to offer a course of similar duration/ quality/ quantity

If courses have to be cancelled the following options will be made available to you

a. A transfer to another course in the same winter season. Course fees will be adjusted according to the price differential of the new course.

b. A credit that can be used towards a course the following winter.

c. A full refund , minus the course fee deposit ( 20% ) will be offered . ( to cover unrecoverable expenses, desoits etc made by The Academy )

3 Liability

3.1 The Academy, its employees and representatives accepts no responsibility for  any accidents, damage, loss, injury, sickness or death, that may be experienced during or after the attended course.

3.2 The Academy cannot be held responsible for any additional activities or services arranged seperately by clients

3.3 The Academy accepts no liability for failure of clients to take out appropriate Travel insurance including any costs that may result form such.

3.4 The Academy has no control of the weather or mountain conditions . The Academy does not therefore accept any responsibility for the quality and quantity snow, ski area closures, cancellations or interuptions of the course.

3.5 The academy will provide guidance for applications for appropriate visas for Japan. The Academy has no control over the issuing of visas and entry into Japan and accepts no liability for such including potential cancellation of a clients reservation.

Work placements require appropriate working holiday visas and instructor license. The Academy accepts no liability if clients cannot undertake work placemnts if they do not meet the requirments for an appropriate visa and instructor certification.

3.6 The academy accepts no liability if clients cannot complete any part of their course due to injury or sickness

4. Client Responsibilities

4.1 Clients agree to purchase travel insurance which includes winter sports cover

4.2 As necessary Clients agree to apply for an appropriate visa depending on the course they intend to join

4.3 Clients should be open and honest regarding their ski or riding level when booking a course. The Academy accepts no liability for clients who are unable to complete the course if their skiing or riding level does not meet the required standard.

Similarly winter sports can be physically demanding . Clients understand that they need to be in appropriate physical and mental condition to undertake the course.

We want everyone to have a safe, fun and productive time with us.  Providing information on any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect you performance and wellbeing on the course is important. It is also essential to keep your coaches in the loop regarding any injuries or niggles you may have during the season so we can plan your training accordingly to keep you safe .

4.4 Our goals is to help you achieve your goals. We endevour to provide you with the best plaform on which you can shine, be the best you can be and have a great time doing it. The unknown quantity is `everyone` on the courses.

You agree to conduct yourself with propriety at all times, and understand that all you actions can have an impact on everyone you come into contact with.

Any behaviour deemed unsuitable for the wellbeing of others on the course, in the accommodations or work environment may result in the removal of that person from the course ( and potentially their accommodations )  No refunds will be payable for unused parts of the course.

4.5 Deposits may be required for accomodations. Damages to property may result in loss of deposits and may even incur  additional charges. If behaviour/actions are deemed to be unsuitable or damaging to the reputation of the Academy, candidates amy be remmoved from the course.

5. Insurance

It is the clients responsibility to find and purchase necessary insurance for their trip and course.


  •  winter sports insurance is not usually covered in `normal` holiday insurance
  • Niseko has amazing gate accessed `side country ` powder areas . These are classified as `off-piste` and also `outside of the ski area boundary`. Most candidates will want to enjoy skiing and riding these areas . Research to find insurance policies that cover such areas.
  • Instructor courses are significantly longer than a typical 1-2 week ski holiday.  Look for insurance companies that cover longer stays and in particualar specialise in  instructor courses.

6 Extended conditions for Internships

The extended conditions below refer to courses that involve work placements

6.1 Guaranteed Work Offer

Internship programs have job placements arranged with schools in the Niseko area.

6.2 Eligibility

Candidates must have a working holiday visa to be able to take up a ski school poition . Candidates also must pass their first level instructor license to take up their ski school poition. If candidates fail their first attempt at certification, wherevr possible The Academy will try to find the next avaialable opportunity to re-sit the examination. The candidate is responsible for any aditional costs therein.

6.3 Suitability

Whilst school positions are pre-arranged The academy cannot be held responsible if a school decides that a candidate is not suitable to take up a position.

6.4 Contracts

Job placement conditions vary from school to school . The Academy is not responsible for matters relating to such conditions. The Academy cannot control such varaibles as wages, hours , work volume, schedule, staff accommodations and all other variables /Rules set by each school.

The Academy cannot be held liable if expectations are not met for such things that it cannot control such as work hours, wages shadowing hours,(training (with placement school ) .

6.5 Intenship Pro

For the internship `pro` course candidates will take up work placements over the busy periods ( Christmas/ New Year and Chinese New year ). In between work placments candidates will return to the Academy to continue their training.

6.6 Insurance

The placement ski school will cover your insurance whilst at work . Seperate winter insurance will be required for the periods training or for days off.