Celebratory shots

2015 Training Courses Finish Up!

Another successful training course comes to and end! The NZSIA Level Two Ski exam finished…

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The Snowboard Level Two group at the bottom of the Grand Hirafu park

Success at the 2015 SBINZ Level Two

Today was the last day of the snowboard instructor exams delivered by SBINZ. This year…

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The whole crew up o a ridge line in the Antenna Farm

A day trip to Sapporo Teine

Every season we take our instructor training crew to another resort for a day of…

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Happy faces on Christmas day

Success at Level One for the 2015 Instructor Courses

With the sun making a few appearances this past week, the conditions were perfect for…

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Niseko Academy portal site screen shot

New “Portal” Website for Niseko Academy

The Niseko Instructor Training Academy has a bit more to it than instructor training. We have 3-facets to the Academy; private lesson snowsports school, powder coaching/guiding camps, and instructor training.

A little while ago we re-branded from the original Instructor Training Academy name to the current Niseko Academy. As part of this we just created a new Niseko Academy portal website at nisekoacademy.com.

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Alex enjoying the pow

Last Space Available on 9 week Snowboard Course

The 2014-2015 season is drawing nearer and we’re getting excited to see some early snowfalls in the mountains around Niseko. We have one spot left on our 9 Week Snowboard Course so please get in touch if you want to join us in Niseko this winter. ! We encourage questions, no matter how trivial, so hit us up.

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NZSIA President Peter Clinton-Baker presents a special pin to Brian from Niseko Academy

NZSIA President PCB Makes it to Niseko

Here at Niseko Academy, we’re extremely proud to be able to offer New Zealand ski and snowboard instructor qualifications. The NZSIA and SBINZ certifications are truly some of the best in the world, and it really shows with how far NZSIA/SBINZ qualified instructors make it around the globe. As the main facilitator for NZSIA & SBINZ qualifications in Japan, we’ve been lucky this year to have run five different exams.

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Another round of newly qualified NZSIA Level Two instructors

2014 NZSIA Level Two Results

And another training season comes to a close… yesterday was the final day of the SBINZ and NZSIA Level Two exams we run here in Niseko each season. We’re always super-stoked to see our trainees complete the season, especially when they achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves earlier in the season.

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Cuan and Jacob trying to spray each other

January powder in Niseko

We think January is the best month for powder in Niseko. Why? Because it snows so consistently. This year, 360niseko recorded 22 days straight with 20+ cms falling every day. Amazing! Here’s a photo of one of our snowboard instructor trainees, Jacob, in the Kozonosawa bowl when we hiked the peak at the end of this 22 period (one of the rare times the sun comes out in January)…

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Video: 5 Reasons to train as a ski instructor in Niseko

So why train to become a ski instructor or snowboard instructor in Niseko? There are actually too many reasons to document in one video, but here’s our top 5…

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niseko gates video screenshot

Video: 5 things when heading out the Niseko Gates

We love the side-country in Niseko! It’s easy to access, easy to get back to lifts from, and usually has amazing snow to offer. But all of those things often lead to higher risk. Not necessarily risks caused from yourself or your group, but often it is others on the mountain putting you at risk.

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video screenshot

Video: 5 Ways to make the most of your time in Niseko

Welcome to the first part of the Niseko Academy Video Guide… 5 Ways to make the most of your time in Niseko!

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